You know what they say… “Any press is good press”? Well, I’ve found that POSITIVE PRESS is REALLY GOOD PRESS!!!!!! The past 2 years have been quite a roller-coaster for If Chick-Fil-A is successful in getting to “cease and desist” it would be devastating. The story of our Trade Mark Battle has been told many times now on many different outlets; The Web, Newspapers, TV, Magazines, Youtube etc. The overwhelmingly positive press, feedback and resulting sales have been great for my micro-business. When handed lemons I make lemonade. Dig?

Here’s a quick overview of Team Kale’s presence in the media.

David, Goliath, and King Kong

eat more broccoliOne of Chick-fil-a’s legal arguments was that using the phrase “eat more ___” diluted their profit margins. The much larger Mars, Incorporated recently used a similar phrase in an ad campaign, but I doubt they’ve received a cease and desist calling for the destruction of their merchandise.

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EMK on DuetsBlog

duets1Shout out to Steve Baird for his super smart insight on Team Kale’s legal defense!

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