I’m 2-0 against Chick Fil A!

The USPTO has finally granted me a TRADEMARK for EAT MORE KALE, despite Chick Fil A’s disruptions. I’ve also called Chick Fil A’s bluff on their insistence that I “cease and desist”. It’s been a long 3 years battle, but it’s been a GREAT WEEK!!!

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  1. Lara Pearson

    Way to go, Bo! I’m so happy for you that I too am writing about it now (not just in your comments, but on my blog). Congrats on obtaining your registration, and for making it 3 years! Given how public your case was, I can only imagine how trying it was on you and your family. 3 years later and the battle really is over and you really WON! I admire you so much, you make me want to eat kale! I’m pretty sure nothing else could. 🙂 Congrats again!!

  2. Don Wallace

    Congratulations on your legal victory!

  3. Wayne

    High FIve!
    …nuff said.

  4. Lloyd W. Lunde

    Good for you! Congratulations.

  5. Bruce Kaufman

    Well done, one more victory over big $ and their lawyers. Congratulations.

  6. Wendy Tsao

    just heard your story on the CBC radio (AS it Happens). Good for you for standing up to the stupid corp. I hope you were reimbursed for any inconveniences. Best wishes!

  7. Robert Atha

    I emailed Chick Ful A to tell them to lay off when I first heard. Received a lame reply.
    I cut back on my visits to their stores to only a sometimes basis. Congrats on your big win.

  8. Max-Jayde Romero

    Hey! I was so happy to hear of your victory with Chick Fil A!!! A lot of us here in Seattle and all over were rooting for you man! In fact I put the article all over my FaceBook! Great job! MJ in Seattle

  9. Debbie Natelson

    Kale rules indeed — and so delighted by the ruling in your favor! Congrats to your fortitude (no doubt sustained by lots of kale). Your victory, as I know you have acknowledged — is not only a wonderful personal victory, but a long overdue victory over corporate greed and the paralysis it has held over small business and free trade. I can’t tell you how many similarly unfair stories I have heard, but without the good outcome that you fought hard to win. Keep up the good work. I hope the greed on the part of Chick Fil A — now made public — will hopefully cost them more lost revenue due to boycotts expressing disapproval — than they ever would or could have lost from your purported threats to their business. Their lawyers must take some sort of delusional drugs to even come up with such accusations. Keep up the good work. I’ll go have a kale salad now. . and think about who may be getting an Eat more Kale t-shirt for the holidays.

  10. sara

    I heard you on As it Happens the other night, a canadian radio program, rock on buddy, Kale all the way. Sorry you are dealing with all this extra stress, good luck to you and your family.

  11. Janice Caputo

    Congrats! Such good news this week and Cuomo bans Fracking in NY, Obama protects Bristol Bay Alaska; happy holidays & a prosperous 2015!

  12. Ian

    You need to thank chick fil a for the publicity.

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