Team Kale

When I recently applied for a federal trademark on my business name, Chick-fil-A, a multi-million dollar fast food company threatened to block EAT MORE’s trademark attempt and shut down my business.

Through corporate bullying, me and my family’s life may be seriously affected if I am not given the opportunity to continue to fight this lawsuit. Justice is expensive. Legal fees can add up quickly. To date the case has been in litigation for 2.5 years.

After hearing of this lawsuit, Governor Shumlin worked with EAT MORE to figure out a way to help. Through this came Team Kale, where you can donate to help defend me and my family. All net donations go to EAT MORE’s legal defense fund.

By working with Tim and Sheila Beavins, owner of Vermont’s local business Beavins and Sons Custom Printing, you now have the chance to help me and my family. Donate today to support Team Kale and stand together with small businesses in Vermont and around the nation. For a donation we will send you a gift.


$10 – Team Kale Sticker
$25 – Team Kale Graphic Vinyl
$50 – Team Kale T-Shirt (tell us which size shirt)
$75 – Team Kale Sticker, Graphic Vinyl and T-Shirt (tell us which size shirt)

Any amount you can give will help me, my family and Team Kale defend our right to make a living in Vermont. Governor Shumlin stands with Team Kale! Do you?

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