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submit-kaleHere is my collection of pictures, letters and e-mails customers and friends have sent me over the years. They hail from many different places around the globe. Contact me with your own story and I’ll post it so you can join in the fun.



Woof More Woof



You Go


Up the Little Sable Point lighthouse on Lake Michigan

Hey Bo… check this out… I’m doing a photo project on Flickr and I used an Eat More Kale Sticker in one of my shots…


BC Girls Like Kale

Eat Moose Kale

Bag & Beach

Bob on Bourbon


Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my Eat More Kale shirt. The very first day I wore it, it sparked no less than fifteen different conversations about kale, leafy greens, organic, local foods, recipes, etc.! I’m so glad you’re out there, doing great work – keep it up ­čÖé


Check Out Those… Arms?

EMK @ Farmaid

Great shirts.

We’re sure to be the hit of the farmer’s market!


EMK at the Beach

EMK in Indonesia


whoa you really come thru! talk about fassssst. love the shirt. i’m wearing it. its so sofffffft and your silkscreen is perfect.



Thought you would enjoy… we sold out of kale on this day at market!!

Jessica McGrath


Kale ÔÇô It Does a Body Good

Kale Cutie

Eat More Kale Tacos

Eatin’ Kale Through the Generations


I also want to salute the driver of the car I followed for many miles on my way to Montpelier one recent Tuesday afternoon. It had two bumper stickers: a nice round cheery green one that said “Eat More Kale” and one that said “Anybody But Bush.” That driver sure pointed the way to better health for all of us: not only physical, but also mental, emotional, moral and social.

-Louise Sandberg

Ghana Eat More Kale

Fruedian Shirt

Patchouli the Pig

Krazy for Kale

Sportin’ Eat More Kale

Lots of Love


I received my t-shirts today and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how excited I am about them. It is simply refreshing to open the package and find such a wholesome product. (free stickers are always good too) I will wear my shirt proudly and let it spark conversation and thoughts about the world we live it today. Thank you for such a rad gift.


By the way, I learned about your shirts when I saw someone wearing one at the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival in San Francisco today.

-Jeff Lichtman



I’m very happy to support a “one man show” like you. (I can so relate!!!) Keep doing what your doing. Someone has to!

Thanks again Bo!!

Nicole from Ohio

Along for the ride

Bring it on!

Blow in the Wind

Brad rocks!

/Eat More Kale/ is more than a catchy phrase on a T-shirt or a bumper sticker. /Eat More Kale/ is a conscious, grassroots movement. It is a move away from the blandness of iceburg and the perils of industrial agriculture and a move toward a nutritious, flavorful supply of locally-produced, organic food. Be a part of this movement.

-Tom Sabo

Everyone loves these shirts at work!

Thanks, Bo.

-Ed Canty

Dan Can!

Cookin’ with Kale

This is is obviously the work of an inspired genius.

-Bo’s mom

Hi Bo.

Seriously, I wore the shirt you made to one of my buddies shows the other night. People would NOT leave me alone. A girl asked my wife about it and it was all over after that. One conversation about it started a domino conversation that carried me across the room talking about your website. Still, I love it, so… thanks!


Kurt Cobain’s Lost Cardigan

Dynamic Duo

Muchas gracias, Bo.

I’ve received the shirts and they are fab! May you be blessed with kale and cookies till your heart’s content.

Thanks again,

Huldufolk Friendly!

Etruscan Kale

EMK Goes to Disney

Wicked cute!!!


Bo, I met you a little while ago at Higher Ground and like I said, here is a picture of me and my sister wearing your shirts for your website. My sister spreads the Eat More Kale cheer in Boulder, CO. Thanks so much! -Laura

Eaten by a Tree


Feeding the Renaissance

Go Where You Wanna

Green Living with Red Nails