The Wall

submit-kaleHere is my collection of pictures, letters and e-mails customers and friends have sent me over the years. They hail from many different places around the globe. Contact me with your own story and I’ll post it so you can join in the fun.


Good Living

Gonna be a Healthy Baby

Healthy Livin’ (And it Shows)

I just had a friend tell me she thought kale was “blah”. I cried a little. 🙁


100th Wall Pic!

Here Ya Go!!!

It’s HOT in Mexico

It’s ART!!!

Kale in Space

Thanks for your excellent service. Hooray for Kale!


Kale in rainy Ravenna


Goodmorning Bo!

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to send a friendly thank you for coming in and teaching us the skills of the trade, we really had a lot of fun that day. So much in fact, that we will be making more t-shirts coming up really soon to help with a fundraiser for our summer trip to Washington DC., cant wait. See you at the farmers market, take care, and thanks again.


Kale in Paradise


my wife loves the shirt and proudly supports your cause to inform people about the benefits of Kale. We tell everyone who asks about the shirt to go to your site and support your cause.
Kyle & Katy

One of the Kale Kids

Livin’ it up

PC in BC

Farm & Wilderness Summer Camps in Plymouth, VT are going bonkers over Eat More Kale stickers! The movement is really moving here! Especially since we harvest beautiful organic kale from our gardens on a weekly basis! Keep up the good message and beautiful art!

p.s. When can babies start eating kale? Congratulations!!!!


Lilly and Daddy Love Kale

Movin’ In EMK

King of the World!

Rockin’ It

Got my shirt today, it looks awesome!! I am going to wear it to work tomorrow. Thanks again for getting it out to me so fast. You are the best, and no one does it better!!!


Queen of Kale

Say Cheese


See For Yourself

I’m a Flight Attendant. Everywhere, I go, my EMK is along for the journey and it doesn’t matter where I am, everyone wants to talk about it.
from Terri D.

*Shakespearean Monolouge Here*

This Is How It’s Done

Tae Erom Elak!