Nearly 20 years ago I was given a home T-shirt screen-printing kit. It consisted of a silk screen, a squeegee, a pint of black ink and a short instructional book. The book suggested that simple prints could be produced using hand-cut stencils. Sounded simple and off I went. “CHEESE” was my first print. It was a hit among my friends and co-workers. Having heard that I was printing t-shirts from home a couple of friends of mine, Paul and Kate of High-Ledge Farm, penned the phrase “EAT MORE KALE” when they special ordered two shirts from me for themselves. I must admit, I gave the design very little thought. I drew the letters and cut the stencil in less than 20 minutes. I printed their shirts and delivered them at the next farmer’s market. The idea became “viral” before people knew what “viral” was, then quickly spread to all corners of the world.

I am a “one man show”. For years it was farmer’s markets and music festivals until a friend of mine built EATMOREKALE.com for me for $20. I print, package and ship each and every shirt from a small studio above my garage. I’m proud to say that EATMOREKALE.com has grown every year thanks to friends and customers like you.

About Me:


I was born in the city of Blues, Rock n’ Roll, BBQ and Elvis…..Memphis, TN. I’ve lived in Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and Vermont. I received a History Degree from Samford University (B’ham, Al) in 1998. Before that I failed out of Auburn Univ and before that Rhodes College in Memphis. I liked college but was not very good at it. I now live in the state capital of Vermont, Montpelier, where I’ve been living since 1998. I love Central Vermont and plan to spend the rest of my days here.

I have two cool kiddos. Because I work from home, I’m lucky to get loads of play time with my kids. I’m a nut for a good documentary film. If I’m working in my studio, I’m also listening to music or watching a doc. film out of the corner of my eye. I play the drums poorly, and make folk art whenever so inspired. I ski and snowboard when I can afford it or find the time. In warm weather I love to swim when I can. Mostly though I like designing and printing t-shirts in my studio.