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submit-kaleHere is my collection of pictures, letters and e-mails customers and friends have sent me over the years. They hail from many different places around the globe. Contact me with your own story and I’ll post it so you can join in the fun.


Cooking With Style

Have More FUN!

“Uncle John” and Noah Quinn

Growin’ that K full-time

From Colorado

Granby XC Eats More Kale!

Kayleigh. Her name has evolved to Kale.

carmen-moots Blast from the Past…Carmen, my first CRUSH!

Blast from the Past…(my 7th grade CRUSH/Carmen)

Eat More Kale, but first drink your coffee

EMK in Danville Junction, Maine

Todd Rundgren & Eat More Kale

All you can do is jump!!

Eat More Kale at Syracuse University


Bernie makes national snapchat story

Bernie on national snap story


Bernie came to Minneapolis for an appearance on Sunday, May 31. The event was scheduled at the Native American Indian Center in order to accommodate a larger-than-expected crowd. While I had gotten to the venue 45 minutes early, I wasn’t sure I was going to get in because persons were already serpentined in front of the building. As I finally got into the building, I found standing room only on the first floor only. I decided to head up to the second floor rest room because I wasn’t sure how long all of this was going to go on. As I exited the restroom, I saw the balcony facing the stage that offered a perfect spot for Bernie’s presentation. Looking to plant myself there, I was shooed away by an usher who said that the space was reserved for those in wheel chairs. I headed down to the first floor. When I got to the main floor, I looked back towards the balcony and saw that persons had spilled over the balcony railing and were sitting on stacked bleacher seats just below. I knew that was where I wanted to be so I headed up to the second floor again using the back stairs. Just as I came up the stairs who should be coming my way, but Bernie! I hailed him with a hearty “HEY!” and just stood there to let him pass. Bernie stopped in front of me, looked at me, smiled, saw the T-shirt I was wearing, which was EATMOREKALE’s original Bernie design, and then offered me his hand. No words were exchanged; none were needed; it was a shared moment. As his wife, Jane, came by she offered the warm embrace of her smile, sharing the excitement that we all had about where we were and where we are headed.

Going green.

EMK en Barcelonaeat more kale tom sabo

Eat More Kale #1

Rockin’ the Spiral

Party Time!

Hanging out on Las Olas Blvd.


EMK in the Animal Kingdom.

Kale in the Sahara

Sideshow Bob and EMK

Our Future

Limited Edition

Self-declared FOODIE.

Can’t get enough!

A True Nutritionist


Celebrating the Kale revolution

More kale in Amsterdam

Brandon is Blessed…with a great T-shirt.

Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail

Come Más Kale hits the trail

Come Más Kale hits the trail

Eat More Kale!

My family has been eating kale for years, for me since the 1950s, for the rest of the Mahlers since 1850. A good German immigrant family, we ate what we called brunkale.. After the first frost you got the best kale. When our family got together we would cook a bushel of kale, and pinklewurst, and a ham.

We had a family get together planned.

There was a 24-hour supermarket near us and my brother was a very early riser. So that morning at 4 a.m. he drove to the supermarket and filled a grocery cart with kale. When he was checking out, a teenager looked at the kale and said, “Gee mister, what are you going to do with all this?” This was the 60s, and my brother looked like a hippy. He replied with a furtive eye and he looked around to make sure his reply was private. He said, “sssh, we smoke it.”

Big family laughs that day, and we came up with the saying “Legalize Kale”. And imagined that kids all over the country would be buying, drying, and smoking kale. But we never made the tea shirts or bumper stickets.

EMK Dances


NY Futsal “Mean Greens ”

Mama with a Llama

Hello Bo!

I don’t remember when I first heard of your work (a trip through New England in the early 2000’s perhaps), but in any case I am a long time fan of your shirts, follower of your blog, and advocate of the ‘eat more kale’ philosophy (however one might want to interpret it). I have attached a photo of me in one of your shirts from a recent snowshoeing trip in the Sapphire Mountains near Wisdom, Montana. Until recently I was living in rural Montana, although a couple weeks ago I moved to Minnesota. Long story short, I would be honored to be included in your ‘Eat More Kale around the world’ posting. I was able to introduce so many Montanans to the idea of the green leafy vegetable through conversations while wearing the shirt! Keep up the good work.

Take care!


Hi from the Ferris Wheel

Hey Bo,

Been wearing my EMK tee proudly for a year now… husband and I found a place where we CANT wear it – the Lake Eden Arts Festival. We couldn’t get more than 5 feet without someone stopping us with a question, a story, or a recipe. Lot’s of thumbs-up and smiles, but if we wanted to get anywhere, we had to obscure the text! LOL. Thanks for following through on such a great idea.


Grand Family

Hey Bo,

I’ve been meaning to tell you this for months, as a quote for your site:

Mann kann nie genug T-Shirts haben.
(One can never have enough T-Shirts.)

I’m the person who saw your fantastic shirts in the Montpelier Farmer’s Market and then came back for one too late, after the market had closed… and who then tracked you down on the internet and ended up buying a slew of them, for friends as well as myself. By that time I’d moved to Austria. So now your shirts are being happily worn here as well as in Boston and Maryland and elsewhere in the U.S. I’ll be buying more!

Take care and cheers,

Dr. Ann’s Team

Ripped, right?

Shoppin’ SMART

True Grit


Two Wheels and One Fun Tee

Two Thumbs Up

Whadya Want From Me?